Twin Vew Condo Project Details and Site Plan

Twin View Condo is being developed by China Construction Development Co. The property is a great opportunity for investors as well as a real estate jewel, due to its location. Twin View Condo is located in a private residential area, in the West Coast Vale, while being close to Jurong District and Singapore. Both developers and potential buyers agree that the possibilities of Twin View Condo are endless. There is a lot of positivity, hope, curiosity and interest surrounding the development.

Twin Vew Condo Project Details and Site Plan

Getting into details, it is interesting to know that China Construction Development had 8 competitors before winning the tender, for the amount of $292 for the residential development rights of the land that would become Twin View Condo. Please see twin vew condo site plan and floor plans. The number of blocks or stories it is yet to be known but the number of units is said to be around 520. The estimate price range is 1$200 psf.

Twin Vew Condo Floor Plans and Layout

Twin Vew Condo is expected to be ready or habitable by 2018. Potential buyers are encouraged to show their interest and can easily get information on what they can expect at Twin View Condo. There are several facilities available, including a swimming pool, tennis court, children’s playground, indoor gym and barbecue areas. It is no wonder so many are interested in living a comfortable life in Twin View Condo. Finding buyers will not be a problem, surely.

Twin Vew Condo China Construction Development

Twin Vew Condo seems to be the ideal place to invest if you are looking for the perfect property and the perfect home. Everything is brand new and looking into the future and designed to meet the resident’s every single need. The location is absolutely desirable and well-chosen as well as modern and intuitive. If you are looking for the perfect home, Twin View Condo is probably your dream place. The general advice is to act fast, as there are so many potential buyers and interested investors.

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