Seaside Residences Tao Nan School Victoria Junior College

Seaside Residences is one 99-year leasehold, which comes with some of the best features for their holidays. It was developed Fraser Centrepoint Homes for homeowners who really want something unique. The place has some of the excellently looking homes that you can buy depending on your style as well as sizes. They have 800 to 900 units for the buyers who will be looking for something that can fit their families well. The project will have 19309 square units made with different styles and designs to satisfy the needs of people who really needs them.

Seaside Residences Condo Tao Nan School

The location of Seaside Residences is excellent place to give families what they really want. With the close proximity to the best social amenities such as MRT station, your family will always have an easy time when traveling from one place to another. In addition, they are located near some of the top schools such as Temasek Junior, Primary, Saint Patrick’s and Victoria, Victoria junior and Secondary Schools. When you have children, they will always get a place where they can learn without having to travel too far to look for help. In addition, the place will offer residents places of interest such as East Coast Park, 112 Katong, Parkway Parade and Marine Parade Center. You can always visit these places with your family whenever you need to enjoy yourself together.

Seaside Residences Siglap Road Victoria Junior College

In terms of its site plan, Seaside Residences Tan Nan School will always host many social amenities to make the life of the residents very comfortable. The place will facilities as well as social amenities like tennis court, indoor gym, BBQ area, a swimming pool, and children playing ground for people who may be looking for that extra fun. Seaside Residences has an enhanced security for those people who will stay within the area. Seaside Residences is such a place for those residents who want a place to call always home. It is near to Tao Nan School and Victotia

Seaside Residences Siglap Road Condo East Coast Parkway

Seaside Residences should be a place with different sizes and designs for those who need to live comfortably as a family. During the construction, they will two locations in the areas like Marine Parade Way side as well as East Coast Parkway side making it a good place for the residents. In addition, the residents will choose from the available in 1, 2, and even 4 bedroom units. The housing units will always have some of the designs that would make it an amazing place for those who want to modern and enjoyable lifetime.

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