Park Colonial Chip Eng Seng CEL Unique Development

A new development project, Park colonial Woodleigh Lane is located on Woodleigh Lane, Singapore. Developed by one of the most renowned names of Singapore, Chip Eng Seng Corp, Heeton Holdings and KSH Holdings it is quickly becoming famous. Heeton holdings is considered one of the experts in real estate with its main interests being the residential areas. With international property investments, the developers like to operate in Singapore with an international mindset providing people things they have previously not seen. Chip Eng Seng Corp another one of the most famous developers have been in the business for over 50 years as they first started as Sub-Contractors but their capabilities saw them grow within a few years’ time.

Park Colonial Chip Eng Seng CEL Unique Development

Focusing on all three fronts of Industrial, Commercial and residential buildings, the company has had joint venture with the likes of Citadel Equity Fund an internationally known investor for Park Colonial Chip Eng Seng Condo. The third developer in this list is KSH Holdings for Park Colonial Chip Eng Seng, a large holding company operating in Malaysia and Singapore, this company as previously conducted property management, development and construction operations. With an established track record consisting of major important building, the company has been in the business for long making it a veteran developer.

Park Colonial Woodleigh MRT Station Heeton Holdings

Park Colonial Woodleigh Lane located right next to Woodleigh MRT Station received great praise for the previous developments in this area as a result a new project was advised. Initially developers by the name of CEL Unique were leading the race as they had submitted a top bid of $700.7 million for 1100 square feet per plot, however, were unsuccessful in landing the project. Singapore’s real estate to no one’s surprise is one of the most expensive ones in the entire world alongside New York City, Los Angeles and Vancouver simply due to the fact that it has become a tourist country of late and foreign investments have never stopped pouring in to the country. Despite such high investments from all around the globe Singapore’s locals’ have are still bidding highly in their country’s projects. The location for this project is considered brilliant as this area has become known for reputed schools and the eateries here are forever increasing giving it a nice view. However, sales for the developments have not yet begun but are expected to begin soon as a media expo is also being expected.

Park Colonial Condo Serangoon MRT Station Singapore

Launched under Government Sales Programme on 1H 2017, an estimated 735 units have been constructed on the intended land. Park Colonial consists off BBQ, Sun Deck, Guard House along with recreation activities of Children’s Playground, Tennis courts, Swimming pools ad indoor gym. With stunning views from your Condo’s, Park Colonial offers family entertainment as well as many malls and shopping centers in its vicinity. Apart from the facilities, MRT Station being so close to Park Colonial offers its residents a safe travel alongside saving time. The Circle Line in Serangoon MRT Station is only some Km’s away and being connected to central and important parts of the city it offers a great ease of access to every owner. Apart from being connected to several important city locations, Park Colonial is located very near the Bidadari Housing Estate which plans on bringing several brilliant ideas to life. This will allow the residents of Park Colonial an even better lifestyle.

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