Orchard Road Amenities With Shopping Centres and Food Stores

A striking one-way street in Singapore, the Orchard Road is a perfect destination for shopping lovers. It features a wide array of unique malls, and promise a perfect shopping experience that will suit anyone’s budget and needs. Whenever you decide to visit the Orchard Road, you can expect a special event in one of the malls. From promotions and sales to delicious food tasting, this street will be one of your most memorable travel experiences.

Orchard Road Core City Shopping and Amenities

The road spans over 2 kilometers and offers more than 800 thousand square meters of stores and restaurants. Stores encompass everything from top brands to budget-friendly options. It is a go-to place in Singapore, regardless of your primary shopping needs. Hundreds of fashion stores will ensure you find a perfect piece that matches and advances your style, while the electronic stores will equip you with the latest gadgets. And that’s just a small part of everything you can get on this street, which makes it impossible to discover in only one or two days. There are not many streets in the world that offer so many possibilities as the Orchard Road.

Dining Places at Orchard

After a full day of shopping and exploring, you’ll definitely get hungry at Orchard Road. That’s the best time to visit one of the fine or casual dining places scattered on each corner of the street. From local food to international delicacies, you’d need a whole month to taste all the gourmet meals this road has to offer. But if you’re just there for a short visit, we would highly recommend visiting one of the restaurants featured in the globally renowned Michelin guide. On the other hand, if you simply want a quick bite before you proceed with your exploration, check out one of the local food courts or take a visit to a pastry shop or a finger food cafe.

Orchard Road Close to Many Condos and Hotels

Orchard Road is also a favorite destination for globally acclaimed hotel chains, such as Holiday Inn and Four Seasons. These award-winning hotels will be a perfect starting point for all your activities, and a peaceful sleeping place once you get tired. They are all packed with features such as an indoor spa and gym, and high-end dining options for those who seek the simplest solution. Regardless of the hotel you choose, you can expect superior comfort and an elegant room, with all details attended to and honed to perfection. Orchard Road is also close to many freehold condos located around the Balmoral Road area.

Those who want to accompany their shopping with a good night out can visit the popular TAB Singapore club. Moreover, you could check out one of the exquisite bars and have a drink with a view on the Orchard’s Road nightlife. Family vacationers will also be able to find something for themselves, by visiting the Family Lounge or one of the kid-friendly facilities, such as Roomraider, an interactive escape-room experience.

All in all, the Orchard Road is a go-to place for shopping enthusiasts and gourmet food lovers alike. They made sure every minute of your stay will be a pleasurable and fun experience, and you can rest assured that it will be a memorable visit, whether you’re traveling alone or planing an entertaining family vacation.